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Human Generosity Project - Enabling Collaboration Over Networks -GivingSpace, August 26-28, 2001, Banff Centre New Media Institute.

The Complexity Sciences and Gaia - May 19, 2001, Smithsonian Institution

Industrial Ecology 2000 - Oct. 5-8, 2000, Dynamic Supply Chain Optimization

PLANETWORK 5.12.00 - "Use It or Lose It: Defending the Internet from Commercial Information Pollution"

Jan Hauser is currently an independent consultant doing business as Integrated Innovation.

He is a former Visiting Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California and was a  Principal Architect at Sun Microsystems. He is responsible for Sun's membership in The Santa Fe Institute. His interests include Chaos and Complexity Science, and a broad range of advanced technologies. Jan has been volunteering in the area of Global Sustainability.

Jan co-authored a paper which takes a comprehensive view of the possibility of advanced Social Networking Software implemented over the internet and the World Wide Web - The Augmented Social Network (ASN). The paper is published on First Monday, a peer reviewed internet magazine.

He was interviewed in the Online Community Report (November 2002) on the subject of identity and online communities. The Online Community Report is a free twice-monthly e-mail newsletter covering news and best ideas in online group collaboration.

Jan was a member of the opening panel at the yearly meeting of The Society of Environmental Journalists. The plenary panel was entitled "Business, Environment and Defense: Can Technology Save the Planet?"

Jan was the CTO of GivingSpace, a new peer-to-peer enabled philanthropy effort. He helped organize and participated in numerous GivingSpace meetings such as one held at The Santa Fe Institute:

He co-organized a seminar, The Complexity Sciences and Gaia, held May 19, 2001, at the Smithsonian Institution.

Jan was featured in a Business 2.0 article, "Planetary Visions: A high-tech volunteer movement helps map life on Earth." The article profiles Jan as a high-tech environmentalist, one of a growing number of scientists devoting time to healing the planet.

He made a presentation at the Haas School of Business, University of California - Berkeley's Industrial Ecology 2000 on the subject of Dynamic Supply Chain Optimization. (details...)

He was a featured speaker at the inaugural PLANETWORK Conference on Information Technology and Global Environmental Problems, www.planetworkers.org. His presentation, "Use It or Lose It: Defending the Internet from Commercial Information Pollution," is available on audiocasette and can also be viewed here in HTML format:

Jan was a speaker at Growing Things, exploring the Cultures of Nano Tech, Bio Tech, and Eco Tech and Art, a part of The Banff New Media Institute's Human Centered Interface Project.

He was also the catalyst for a workshop at The Institute For The Future - Growing at the Edge: The New Corporate Structures for Innovation and the Challenge of Governance.

Jan has promoted the idea that Complexity Science may offer breakthroughs in the area of self-organizing computer systems. One early project was to investigate the development of an Emergent Operating System.

One of his early efforts to marry Complexity Science and Sun's Jini technology was chronicled in July 1998 in the Wall Street Journal:  "Looking to Give Executive A Living Computer"

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